Offered Services


Starting from just an idea and turning it into drawing, it is possible to create everything.

Gypsum’s processing is a quite flexible and versatile practice as it allows to create products that reflect the tradition and that, at the same time, compile with modern needs, from classic style to modern design. Inventiveness and creativity have always guided us to seek the right solutions, especially when we found ourselves in completely new situations.


Stone cladding is a thin layer of real or simulated stone usually applied to interior walls. Stone cladding often refers to lightweight simulated stone products that can make the location more rustic, but can also respond to more modern requirements.


Our company produces drywall works throughout Italy and abroad. Thanks to its ductility the drywall allows a high number of solutions, a high thermal and acoustic comfort, energy saving, functionality and finishing touch of the rooms. Here are just a small part of the works we can create:

Wall coverings; partition walls, fire prevention systems, anti-humidity systems; false ceilings; plasterboard thermal insulation and sound-proof; etc.

Coatings for fireplaces; curved walls and fake pillars; arches and vaults; shelves; libraries; drywall lowering; baskets; etc.

Grates false ceilings; mineral fiber; lightweight plaster; metal strips, whitewash, glazing, Venetian plaster, lime putty and more.

Let convince yourself by our work